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Michelle Chontos

Name: Michelle Chontos

Currently coaching:

  • Level 4 Fall/Level 4 Spring

Number of years coaching:

  • ​8

Number of years at Roswell:

  • 8 (3 years with competitive teams)

Coaching certifications:

  • USA gymnastics professional member, Safety certified

Coaching accomplishments:

  • I have had the honor of coaching several state champions on floor and beam over the last couple of years. 

Favorite thing about coaching:

  • My absolute favorite thing about coaching is witnessing the remarkable improvements the girls make from the beginning of the season to the end. I love watching our gymnasts grow and develop their skills and achieve their goals. It is amazing to see each and every one of the girls become more confident in their abilities, and find their inner drive to succeed. I also enjoy getting to know each of the girls, and figuring out what motivates each gymnast to do her best. I personally feel successful when our gymnasts are improving their skills, and loving their time at the gym. I am honored to be part of the lives of all our talented girls!

When not coaching: 

  • I love having fun with my three children. We enjoy camping, exploring nature, playing at the playgrounds, and snugggling on the couch, reading a good book or watching a movie. I also enjoy running, hiking, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing at the beach!

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