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Brandon Moore

Name: Brandon Moore

Currently coaching:

  • Optional Team Girls (8 & 9), and helping with the boys

Number of years coaching:

  • ​19

Number of years at Roswell:

  • 2

Coaching certifications:

  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certification (2001-present), Various USA Gymnastics University Courses, Attended 2016 Tom Forster/Neil Resnick Bars Boot Camp, Various State, Regional and National Clinics

Coaching accomplishments:

  • Coached 3 male gymnasts who have/are competing at the collegiate level (Nebraska and University of Michigan), multiple State and Regional Champions (Individual and Team), Multiple National Qualifiers

Favorite thing about coaching:

  • The relationships with my gymnasts. Helping to develop successful, confident and disciplined individuals. Watching a gymnast work through a fear/block and/or obtain a new skill. The smiles, high-fives and thank yous from gymnasts (and parents). Learning new drills and techniques

When not coaching: 

  • Relaxing at home with my wife. Photography

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