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Erin Hudson

Name: Erin Hudson

Currently coaching:

  • Level 3

Number of years coaching:

  • ​15

Number of years at Roswell:

Coaching certifications:

  • AAU Certified, USA gymnastics professional member

Coaching accomplishments:

  • Many of my previous gymnasts have grown into very accomplished young women both in the gym and in life. 

Favorite thing about coaching:

  • ​The gym should be a place that the gymnast thrives, a place they love to be. It's fun to be in an environment with people that love what they are doing. It's inspiring watching these girls go for their goals and aiding them in achieving those goals. Gymnastics isn't just about medals and winning. Gymnastics can aid in building these gymnasts into strong, motivated, and accomplished people. I love watching the growth happen in a child over their career.

When not coaching: 

  • My family is pretty awesome! I love spending as much time with them as possible!

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